This page describes how to handle products that you are unable to find a suitable Tiliter Archetype to map to.


In some cases, after following the steps in Creating and Mapping Products, you will still be unable to map your product to any Tiliter Archetype. To handle this, you can upload sample images of the product to the Create Product Sample endpoint.

Once sample images have been uploaded, Tiliter will process the images and either find an existing Archetype to map to, or create a new Archetype as needed.

Endpoints for retrieving and deleting product samples are also available, which can be used to build a UI or special mode on a checkout, allowing the product samples to be easily captured in situ.

Image Capture

Sample images must be captured on a real checkout in a real store, rather than in an office or lab. This ensures that the sample images will match closely with the images to be recognised.

The important characteristics are the camera type and position, the scale type, and the lighting. These need to be the same to get good results.

You can see sample images in Supported Hardware.

It is recommended to take a variety of images to get the best results.

Image Upload

Each image captured must be assigned an internal sample ID. This ID can be generated using your own schema, however they must be unique.

The Create Product Sample allows you to upload sample images. You must provide the following information along with the image:

  • Product ID - the ID of the product that the same image contains
  • Device ID - the ID of the device the image was captured on. This must match an existing device.
  • Camera type - the model of camera the image was captured on
  • Capture time - the standard ISO format time that the image was captured at
  • Weight - the weight of the product, in grams

Image Processing

Once the images are uploaded, they will be processed by Tiliter. This process may take up to 20 business days, however in many cases it will be much quicker.

The end result of this process will be one of the following:

  • An existing Tiliter Archetype is identified and mapped automatically
  • A new Tiliter Archetype is created and mapped automatically

Building tooling to support this

It is recommended to build additional software on the checkout to support the capture of sample photos. This can be in a special service mode that cannot be accessed by general users.

This mode can allow the user to select a product, and capture images which can be assigned an automatic sample ID.

The following endpoints are provided to enhance the tooling and allow the user to manage the sample images uploaded:

These endpoints should be used in conjunction with Create Product Sample, to provide a complete product sample image capture process within the application. This allows store staff to easily capture sample images.