This page provides an overview of the configuration required to use the Recognition API

Before using the API, there are some fundamental prerequisites that must be configured:

  1. You must have registered at least one store
  2. You must have at least one device registered in that store
  3. You must have created a product catalogue with at least one product
  4. You must have at least one product in the product catalogue mapped to a Tiliter Archetype, and it must be registered as in stock in the store

If you haven't met these criteria, you will not get a valid result from the /recognition/ endpoint.

This diagram illustrates the configuration required:

We will build this diagram up through the next sections.

Before you begin, ensure you have:

  • An API key for authentication
  • Basic knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • A list of all stores you wish to create
  • A list of products you want to recognize

What’s Next

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