Supported Hardware

The following hardware is recommended for use by Tiliter.

See the child pages for more information on each configuration.

While the API supports use on any camera system, these have been tested and are known to deliver high performance.

Bi-optical scanners

This hardware is for checkout systems both assisted (cashier-operated) and self-service (SCO) checkouts.

These are recommended at the checkout for the most seamless experience and best performance.

Datalogic 9800i TDiInternal OEM
Zebra MP7000 SeriesInternal OEM
NCR 7895Internal OEM
Datalogic 9400iUpgrade Camera

Retail scales

These scales can be used for:

  • Label printing
  • Convenience pricing
  • E-commerce
  • Scan & Go
DIGI SM6000 AIInternal OEM
Tiliter AI ScaleInternal OEM

Upgrade cameras

These cameras can be used to upgrade existing hardware that does not have a sufficient camera fitted.
This includes older scanner hardware or retail scales for other OEMs not shown here.

Razer Webcam - Low Cost Webcam Option
Tiliter USB Camera - Tiliter's Premium Industrial Camera