Store Management

This page describes the process of configuring and managing stores.


Each store that is to access the Recognition API must be setup in the Tiliter database.

When a store is initially registered, it must be given a unique ID, Store name, Region, Country and Area code:

API FieldData typeDescriptionExample valuesRequired
store_idstringA unique identifier for the store.STORE1, 1234, 12345Mandatory
friendly_namestringA human friendly name of the store. Used to present meaningful error messages, and as labels in usage reports.Meadowville Heights, Harborwood Springs, Crestview GardensMandatory
regionenumThe geographical region the store is in.australia_new_zealand, north_america, south_america, europe, africa, asia_pacific, middle_eastMandatory
countrystringThe country the store is in.Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, India, Germany, MadagascarMandatory
area_codestringThe area code of the store.2000, 1234, 12345, 90210, 00001Mandatory

Creating Stores

Creating a store involves registering it with the Tiliter Recognition API. This process creates a virtual store with essential information like the store name, ID, and other retailer-specific details.

Here's how to create a store using a Unix-like command-line interface:

curl --request POST --url --header 'accept: application/json' --header 'content-type: application/json' --header 'tiliter-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY' --data ' { "region": "australia_new_zealand", "friendly_name": "STORE1", "country": "Australia", "area_code": "2000", "store_id": "STORE1" } '

The expected response to this is:

{ "friendly_name": "STORE1", "region": "australia_new_zealand", "country": "Australia", "area_code": "2000", "store_id": "STORE1" }

More information on the product parameters can be found in Create Store.

Stores can be created, updated, and deleted, and can also be retrieved in a list, and retrieved individually using the API functions provided.

Stores will contain devices (setup in Device Management) and have stock of products (setup in Product Catalogue Management and Product Stock Management).

Ongoing Store Management

New stores open all the time, and when each one opens, it will need to be created and setup just like existing stores were.

The process is exactly the same from a technical perspective. It is recommended to establish practices and processes that ensure that store creation within the Tiliter Recognition API is part of the standard checklist of work required to open a new store.


Every recognition request needs to specify a device ID, and that device must be registered to a store. Creating and managing stores is required to use the Recognition API. Good management of stores will result in the best outcomes, performance, and accurate and useful usage and performance statistics. For more information, see Stores and Stock.

What’s Next

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