DepartmentA set of devices that are selling the same products inside the same store ie. (self-checkout, Fruit and veg scales)
DevicePOS, Scale, a self-checkout or handle-held unit that selects products using the recognition API
LossA selection that the API is confident will cause the retailer to lose money.
OptionsThe set of possible products returned by the API.
ProductItem to be recognised with a price and identified by an identifier provided by the customer.
RecognitionA single attempt to recognise a product. It can have multiple images as input and has a unique Id.
RetailerAn entity that sells items operates stores, and defines a set of product IDs
SelectionThe product that is selected by the user after a recognition
StoreLocation where a retailer sells products and where devices are physically present.
TransactionThe Sale event that the detection is assisting with, the Recognition Service does not track this but accepts transaction information from the Caller for analytics generation.